Huffy H300 Electric Folding Kick Scooter for Adults Review

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Review Of H300 Electric Folding Kick Scooter

When it comes to the H300 Electric Folding Scooter, it’s a world-class solution that has been made with various features in mind.

Modern users are particular about what they use and how fast it goes. This is why the scooter in question here has been primed with all the relevant details in mind.

If you are looking to go with a scooter that has a purpose then it’s time to take a look at what the H300 Electric Folding Scooter is all about. Here is a breakdown of what it has to offer, how it works, and whether or not it is right for you.

Key Features:

  • Thumb-Trigger Acceleration
  • Up to 15 MPH Speed
  • 250-Watt Front Hub Motor
  • Foot-Powered Option
  • Digital Display (Speed + Battery)
  • Aluminum Frame
  • LED Headlight + Taillight
  • Foldable Design
  • Weight Capacity: 198 Lbs


1. Built To Last

The aluminum frame is the first thing you are going to notice about this fantastic scooter. The scooter has been made using a robust aluminum frame that is versatile, works well in different conditions, and can handle up to 198 lbs without making a peep.

This is key as you look at the different options that are out there for you to go through. The robust nature of the H300 Electric Folding Scooter is a high-value advantage.

2. Flexible

It is one of the more versatile options on the market because you are not going to get stuck when the power is not there from the motor.

You can initiate the foot-powered method and enjoy the scooter in that fashion.

This is great for those who want to make sure they don’t get stuck in a bad spot with nowhere to go. Just keep things on foot power and know it will move.

3. Fun To Use

The beauty of a good scooter is that it is fun to use.

There is nothing better than getting on a fast scooter that is smooth to use and works well on different surfaces.

This is what you are going to adore about the H300 Electric Folding Scooter when putting it to the test.

4. Comfortable

It is one of the more comfortable options on the market right now.

The handlebar is soft and each contact point has been constructed with the rider in mind.

5. Good Speed

It can go up to 15 MPH and that is something that will appeal to those who want to kick things up a few notches while outdoors.

If you are particular about the speed of this scooter then you should not be. It is made with this in mind and it is something that will impress you as soon as you settle onto the scooter for the first time.


1. Needs To Be Tightened At Times

The only concern would be the handlebar needing to be tightened from time to time. If you use the H300 Electric Folding Scooter a lot, these parts can loosen slightly.

Just tighten them up and you will be good to go.

Final Verdict

The H300 Electric Folding Scooter is a masterpiece when it comes to efficiency, durability, and overall quality. It is made with a purpose and this is one of the more usable options on the open market right now.

The attention to detail is the first thing that is going to draw you in.

Whether it is the handlebar or the general grip of the scooter, it is something that is made to ensure you are happy with it. When it comes to new-age scooters, this one gets the job done and is a good buy.

About Huffy Adult Scooters

Even before the rice of gas skyrocketed people were in search of a Greener (and more cost-effective) way to get around the city. For daily commutes and simple exploration or that weekly trip to the supermarket, the electric scooter ticked all the right boxes. Scooters continue to be extremely popular in urban areas – and with advances in battery and materials technology scooters became more and more capable – in fact so capable that they are now offered for rent in many major cities – they offer tourists the opportunity to explore a destination without the challenge of finding parking – and offer a far more immersive experience than a tour bus or hired car.

huffy adult electric scooter 36v 18209p 3However, those contemplating the purchase of a scooter want to know that the manufacturer they chose has a reputation for reliability and design using only the best of materials, backed by excellent service. One such company is Huffy.

This is a company that started off its bicycle business in 1934 and diversified its product offerings over the years, finally releasing an electric scooter called Buzz in 1999. That design was licensed to and distributed through the extensive Huffy distribution network. In 2000, Huffy sold around 2.2 million of its new Micro scooters, as a sign of things to come. From that day forward Huffy has been consolidating its position as one of the most trusted names in the manufacture of adult scooters.

One of Huffy’s most popular models is the foldable 36V, H300 Electric Kick Scooter. This model boasts a top speed of 15mph – and takes between two and six hours. The full charge will allow for over an hour of ride time. The digital display provides highly visible information such as speed and battery power. It also features an LED headlight and taillight. The thumb ‘trigger’ style speed control and puncture-proof tires make it perfect for city use, and the lightweight aluminum construction and ability to fold the scooter means that it is at home on public transport. The fact that it weighs only 35 pounds makes it the perfect solution for that much talked about ‘last mile’ solution to commuting (in fact on a full charge this scooter is good for between 12 and 15 miles). Exit your chosen method of public transportation, hop on your Huffy electric scooter and arrive at your place of work cool and refreshed.

The scooters have also found a loyal following among students – they offer a great way to get around campus.

This model is also available with an adjustable seat for extra comfort (that model is known as the H350) and it is also available in red and black and red and silver finishes.

Huffy also has some incredible offers for both students and those in the military. Students get 40% off their orders, as do those currently in the military or veterans. All that is required is a sign-up on the site and you’ll be sent a discount code, nothing easier. The fact that Huffy also offers free delivery on orders over $49 only adds to the attractions of these great electric scooters.

If you weigh under 200 pounds the Huffy electric adult scooters are the perfect solution for city living. Not only are they environmentally friendly and simply fun to use, but they are also incredibly easy to store. Huffy electric scooters are also incredible value for money. If you want to be free to simply explore and enjoy life in the big city then a Huffy electric scooter will meet and exceed your expectations – while leaving you with a smile on your face.