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You may be wondering, “What Accessories Do I Need For My Electric Scooters?”. Here are some tips on purchasing these accessories. You may want to consider an LED Turn Signal Vest, a reflective sticker, a tire valve extender, and a first aid kit. Using these accessories properly will help you stay safe when you’re out on the road. Read on for more information! And, don’t forget to check out our shopping guide!

What Accessories Do I Need For My Electric Scooter?

ECEEN LED Turn Signal Vest

The ECEEN LED Turn Signal Vest for electric bicycles and scooters is the ultimate safety gear for riding during the day and at night. With four eye-catching LED lights, this vest makes you visible to motorists in all weather conditions. The vest is more visible than a reflector and can be used in all lighting conditions. In addition to night riding, it is also useful for use during the daytime, when visibility is less of a concern.

ECEEN LED Reflective Stickers

ECEEN LED Reflective Stickers for your electric scooter will enhance your visibility at night. These reflective stickers will either shine one color or change colors in various patterns. Around 30-40% of electric scooters are already equipped with LED strips, and many scooterists will opt to install them on their own scooters. LEDs are usually orange or yellow but can also be white. They will provide a high degree of visibility in low-light conditions, so they are perfect for nighttime riding.

ECEEN Tire Valve Extender

The ECEEN Tire Valve Extender makes attaching an air compressor or pumps easier on pneumatic tires. Unlike other valve extenders, this device is double-sealed and prevents air from escaping. The product also prevents air from leaking through the shallow motor valve. Boosted scooters have a unique design that makes them the perfect transportation solution. They are lightweight, portable, and convenient.

Bestseller No. 1
Bluecell 2pcs 8.25’’ Flexible Extension Tire Valve Adaptor for Universal Cars Truck Motorcycle Bike
Bluecell 2pcs 8.25’’ Flexible Extension Tire Valve Adaptor for Universal Cars Truck Motorcycle Bike
Package included: 2pcs; Material: Durable rubber with metallic valve end; The Length of Tire Valve Extension is approx.210mm/8.25"; Width: 10.5mm/0.41"
SaleBestseller No. 2
Slime 2045-A Metal Valve Extenders, 1-1/4
Slime 2045-A Metal Valve Extenders, 1-1/4
Solid metal valve extenders make hard to reach valves accessible; Includes four metal extenders

ECEEN First Aid Kit

ECEEN First Aid Kit for electric scooters is a good first aid kit for your ride. These kits contain first aid materials necessary for minor injuries. The most important first aid items are battery-powered tools and a three-day supply of non-perishable food. Other essential items include a battery-powered radio and a NOAA Weather Radio. You can also buy an optional backlit LED light.

ECEEN Air Pump

Using an ECEEN Air Pump for an electric scooter is a great way to get the most out of your ride. Tire pressure is vital to the quality of ride, grip, efficiency, and battery life. Without it, your journey could take longer than you’d like, because under-inflation reduces battery range, reduces top speeds, and increases wear on the tires. When the pressure is too low, you may be forced to stop and ride your scooter again.


ECEEN Bells for electric scooters have become increasingly popular as safety gear. These bells can be mounted on your scooter’s rear part or the deck sides. They are easy to install and feature a small handlebar controller. You can purchase turn signal buttons for your scooter from Panapo, a bike turn signal manufacturer. They are available for purchase on Amazon. Another useful customization is a small hook on the stem of your scooter. The hook makes it convenient to hang bags, backpacks, and other hanging objects.

ECEEN Footrest

ECEEN Footrest for electric scooters is the replacement leg rest, footrest, or both for most of the leading mobility brands. The modern English language renders the word “footrest” and the word “leg rest” as two separate words, which we’ll refer to as “leg rest” and footrest, respectively. However, the two terms are often used interchangeably and there are numerous variations in their function.