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When buying a skateboard, weight and height will play a crucial role in your decision. It is essential that the characteristics of the board conform to the weight and height of the wearer. The best skateboards will fit your body type, so look for a model that matches your size. Besides height, you should also consider the true deck size. If you plan to skate on the street, you should buy a skateboard with a 7.5 to the 8-inch deck.

Bones Bearings

You might be looking to buy a new skateboard, but you might be wondering if you should get Bones Bearings instead. They are legendary, the best-selling skateboard bearings, and are the first choice of skateboarders around the world. However, if you’re on a budget, you may want to opt for cheaper alternatives. However, if you’re willing to spend more money, you might consider buying “Swiss”-style bearings instead.

Unlike standard bearings, Bones Super Red bearings feature Balls Out Technology, which eliminates contact between the cage and shield during impact. These bearings are also made with high-quality steel races and balls, and they have a superior surface finish. They also don’t require spacers, and they have better alignment when the axle nut is tightened. The super red bearings are priced lower than the regular Bones Reds but still offer great performance and durability.

Bronson Speed G2 Bearings

The new Bronson Speed G2 skateboard bearings feature a custom cage for smoother bearing lubrication and precision spaced. The bearings are made of Bronson G3 bearings. They are a perfect match for this board’s performance and are surrounded by a deep raceway channel, so dirt and oil can’t get in. With these features, you’ll be cruising the streets in no time.

The raw bearings feature some RAW technology and are available on both the Bronson Speed G2 and Bronson Speed G3 skateboards. According to Bronson Speed Co., the new bearings are the next generation of skateboard bearings. The company’s team includes new pro skateboarders as well as hot amateur riders such as Alec Majerus, Alex Perelson, Milton Martinez, Tye Peterson, and more.

Bearings are an essential part of any skateboard, and Bronson Speed Co G2 Skateboard bearings are no exception. Not only do they deliver high-performance, but they are also relatively affordable. The bearings feature friction-less shields to keep oil in and moisture out, and they feature micro-groove surfaces to increase linear speed and lubrication. High-speed ceramic oil provides protection against corrosion and excessive wear.

Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta is a skateboard company based in Santa Barbara, California. Founded in 1978, the company grew into one of the world’s leading skateboard manufacturers during the 1980s. The company was the birthplace of the Bones Brigade, and its founder Stacy Peralta helped to launch the careers of several skateboard legends. These reissued Powell Peralta skateboards are sought-after by skateboard collectors all over the world.

George Powell, a retired aerospace engineer, began building skateboards after being laid off from his job. In 1976, he built a deck called the Quiksilver ProSlalom and marketed it through Sims. In 1978, he joined forces with Stacy Peralta and began making skateboards for her. They eventually formed the Powell Peralta skateboarding team. Powell Peralta later took over the advertising and management of the team. The company grew into a successful business and continues to manufacture skateboard wheels and Bones Bearings.

Bestseller No. 1
Powell Peralta Skateboard Skeleton T-Shirt, Black, Large
Powell Peralta Skateboard Skeleton T-Shirt, Black, Large
Classic heavyweight fabric; Classic fit tubular body; Double-needle sleeve and bottom hems
$28.95 Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller No. 2
Powell Peralta Ripper Skateboard Complete - Navy 7.75' x 31.08'
Powell Peralta Ripper Skateboard Complete - Navy 7.75" x 31.08"
Width 7.75" / Length 31.08" / Wheelbase 13.875"
$80.95 Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller No. 3
Powell Peralta Skateboard Complete Winged Ripper Silver 8.0 x 31.45\
Powell Peralta Skateboard Complete Winged Ripper Silver 8.0 x 31.45\
Width 8.0" / Length 31.45" / Wheelbase 14"
$80.95 Amazon Prime


The Globe skateboard brand was founded over thirty years ago, and the company is still run by its original creator. Founded by skateboarders, the company has a team of experienced snowboarders, surfers, and riders who help create each board. While all Globe skateboards are ready to use upon delivery, there are several options to customize them for a more personalized look. A good place to start is complete, which offers a quality deck and a decent entry-level component set.

The Globe team includes surfers, snowboarders, and skateboarders who share the same passion for the sport. Its mission is to design and manufacture products that are both high-quality and innovative. The company’s laid-back, fun-loving attitude and mission reflect the lifestyle of its team. This is evident in the products they produce. To learn more about the Globe skateboard brand, visit And check out their Instagram page.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Globe Goodstock Neon Green 8
Globe Goodstock Neon Green 8
Made from 7-plies of Hard Rock Maple and held together by resin; 52mm trick-minded wheels with a hard durometer of 99A
$69.95 Amazon Prime
Bestseller No. 2
GLOBE Skateboards Big Blazer Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Darkside, 32
GLOBE Skateboards Big Blazer Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Darkside, 32
Long wheelbase cruiser with built-in bottle opener; 32" x 9.25" x 17.5"Wb; Resin-7 hard rock Maple
Bestseller No. 3
GLOBE Skateboards Cruiser Complete
GLOBE Skateboards Cruiser Complete
Resin 7 hard rock maple

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