6 04, 2023

The Globe Prowler Classic 38″ Longboard Review

April 6, 2023|Longboards, Reviews|

Review of the Globe Prowler Classic 38" Longboard The Globe Prowler Classic 38" Longboard is a great board for cruising, commuting, and carving. This board is 38 inches long, and 9.5 inches wide, and has a slightly concave shape that provides excellent stability and control. One of the standout features of this board is its construction. The deck is made from 8-ply maple, which makes [...]

6 04, 2023

Sector 9 Roundhouse Roll 34″ Drop Through Longboard Review

April 6, 2023|Longboards, Reviews|

Review of Sector 9 Roundhouse Roll 34" Drop Through Longboard The Sector 9 Roundhouse Roll 34" Drop Through Longboard is a versatile and reliable board that is perfect for cruising, carving, and commuting. With its sturdy construction, smooth ride, and comfortable deck, it is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced riders. One of the standout features of the Roundhouse Roll is its drop-through [...]

6 04, 2023

Why Longboarding is Good for You

April 6, 2023|Longboards, Tips|

Physical and Mental Benefits of Longboarding Longboarding is a popular recreational activity that involves riding on a longboard, which is similar to a skateboard but longer in size. It has become a trend amongst the younger generation, and for good reason. Longboarding offers many advantages, ranging from physical to mental and social benefits. In this blog, we will discuss some of the advantages of longboarding [...]

15 01, 2023

What is The Best Longboards For Kids

January 15, 2023|Longboards, Tips|

The Best Longboards For Kids What are The Best Longboards For Kids If you're looking for the best longboards for kids, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite models for the little ones based on durability, deck size, drop-through setups, and more. Longboard Durability You have several options if you are shopping for a longboard for your [...]

15 01, 2023

What’s The Best Longboard For Beginners?

January 15, 2023|Guides, Longboards|

What's The Best Longboard For Beginners? The Best Longboard For Beginners If you are a beginner looking for a longboard, there are a few things you should consider before you buy. The size and shape of your board are two things you want to pay attention to. Another thing to consider is how durable the board is. Carving longboards Longboards can be an ideal vehicle [...]

3 07, 2022

Which Is Better Skateboard Or Longboard?

July 3, 2022|Longboards, Skateboards, Tips|

Which Is Better Skateboard Or Longboard For Adults? Skateboarding and longboarding are two popular forms of transportation that use a board with skateboard-style wheels to move across terrain. They share some similarities, but each has its own advantages. Skateboards are typically narrower and shorter than longboards, making them more maneuverable in tight spaces and on uneven surfaces. They're also easier to carry around since they're [...]

18 09, 2021

Freeride Downhill Longboard Review

September 18, 2021|Freeride, Longboards, Reviews|

Freeride Downhill Longboard Review Longboards are an exciting pastime tool that most enthusiasts who like fun will have a soft spot for. You might be wondering why? This is because it is truly fascinating to surf or simply ride a longboard like a skateboard. Since there are numerous nice-looking boards on sale this day, it’s quite challenging to keep surfing with one. You’ll always get [...]

8 09, 2021

Different Types of Skateboards

September 8, 2021|Guides, Longboards, Skateboards|

Different Types of Skateboards Choosing The Right Type Of Skateboard. It can be difficult to find the right skateboard because many people have different preferences. This is why it is important that you research what would be the right skateboard for your situation. You should first figure out what style of skating you are into - freestyle, downhill, street, etc. Next, you should narrow down [...]

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