Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board Review.

Entrepreneurs are usually trendsetters. They are the first when it comes to spearheading innovations and trying to impose new strategies into their businesses. They need to be because there is only a small margin for error when living on the cutting edge.

However, entrepreneurs have to create some time for fun in their busy lives, as well. It cannot be all be about work. Therefore, why not focus that search for joy and innovative spirit on something truly groundbreaking? Meet your new mode of transportation – the Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board.

Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board

cycleboard elite pro all terrain board review.You can compare this souped-up, Cycleboard Elite model to an electric scooter on steroids. It consists of a rear suspension that absorbs vibrations and provides a smoother ride on streets and sidewalks. It also comes with a hinging deck that allows an easy battery swap. Undoubtedly, this device is the coolest means of commuting.

The Cycleboard Elite’s custom-made pneumatic street tires provide optimum grip-enhancing stability that allows high-speed turns. What’s more, its electronic braking system and the upgraded hydraulic brakes enable enhanced responsiveness and braking control.

This vehicle also consists of an intuitive 3-wheel with a lean-to-steer design and has a patented linkage system (PLS) that provides improved stability and steering as you whip around your town. In fact, the Elite Pro’s platform generally makes it one of the best stable electric scooters available. Its extra weight distribution also means that it can be used to go on grass and also off-road.

Design & Ride

The scooter provides a wide variety of features and attachments if required. Some of the features you’ll appreciate most include:

  • Five different power modes
  • LCD used as an odometer or speedometer
  • Speed controller
  • USB port (For charging, etc)


The Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board comes with a single rear hub motor that supplies 1000 watts of power. This is enough to cruise up steep hills and carve from one side to another without losing speed. Furthermore, this is powerful enough to take the device off the streets and onto dirt trails or grassy areas.


The Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board offers a max speed of 27 mph. As a result, this personal vehicle is the best choice for commuting in your streets and keeping up with the flow of traffic. You can even ride this Elite Pro at top speed, and still feel much stable, like it wants to stay upright. It also comes with a deck that allows plenty of grip purchase, so tipping over on this all-terrain board is quite hard.

Battery and Range

Although it is a bit unclear the actual battery’s size on the Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board, it likely operates on a 48-volt system and has a max range of around 25 miles. Since the battery is housed within the deck, it ultimately keeps it safe from debris and dirt. It also keeps the center of gravity relatively low and enhances stability even further. What’s more, it can be swapped out easily.


The Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board is quite an expensive purchase starting at $1,999. However, this is a unique device that offers the rider an incredibly fun, and most importantly, much stable ride experience. The pneumatic tires, easy-to-fold functionality, front and rear suspension, password protection, mechanical disc brake, and unique steering mechanism, offer additional value.

Special Features

cycleboard elite pro all terrain board review 1The Cycleboard Elite Pro features a wide range of add-ons and components which generally make it very appealing. It also comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame which allows portability and makes it easy to move around with. In general, it can handle a range of handy features such as GoPro attachments, USB charging ports, and much more.


Because of its wide grip handlebars/ frame, handling this Elite Pro is pretty straightforward regardless of the age group. You can adjust the handlebars for different heights or even collapsed when taking your device onto public transport.

The Cycleboard also works well when riding with someone else on the back because of its power and flexible handling.

Who Is It For?

This feels like an excellent option for people looking for a stable device that can get them from one location to another in style while having fun at the same time. Its weight distribution is also ideal for surfers who are also looking to take their all-terrain board on dirt trails, and particularly for golfers who can’t wait to take it on the course.

It generally makes for the best commuter considering the speed, range, and power. This is also because it may be folded up if not in use and easily transported to the office, a coffee shop, or a different location once the journey is over.

Do you prefer stability above everything else? Well, the Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board is a great choice!

Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board

Cycleboard Elite Pro All-Terrain Board Review.