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You might be asking yourself, “What Accessories Do I Need For My Longboard?” There are many accessories available to purchase for your longboard. Here are a few: Knee pads, Slide gloves, and Reverse Kingpin Trucks. If you’re just starting out, you should also purchase wax and gliders. Wax helps your tricks go perfectly, and can be used on almost any surface. Available in a variety of colors and styles, wax is a necessity when riding your skateboard.

What Accessories Do I Need For My Longboard?

Longboard Helmets

Longboarding is a sport where the riders’ heads are at risk, and helmets provide adequate protection. Although some riders prefer the full-face helmet style, there are those who are not comfortable with the look of the full-face design. Regardless of your personal preference, a full-face helmet offers the best protection for your head and face. This type of Longboarding helmet offers the best protection for the electric skateboarder.

The safety of your brain is the most important consideration when skating. A proper helmet will protect your head from concussions and help you recover from falls without sustaining serious injuries. There are various helmets available, and you can choose from single-impact or dual-impact. To achieve the best protection for your head, choose a Longboarding helmet certified by the CSPC and CPSC. These helmets are a necessity for Longboarders who wish to experience optimal safety.

Longboard Knee pads

Knee pads for longboards can help protect your knees and elbows from falls. Most brands use a hard shell cap that’s designed for longboarding, but they’re a little bulky and have less range of motion than the softer ones. However, safety and comfort outweigh the inconvenience. Also, they can’t be worn under clothes, so you may want to consider wearing them outside. Here’s a guide to the different types of knee and elbow pads.

PHZ Killer Fly Pads are designed to fit snugly around your knee while allowing you to adjust their fit. The flexible material and buckles make it easy to wear. The pads come in black and feature molded foam inside to provide extra cushioning without restricting your movement. In addition, the molded plastic on the knee pad extends to the front side of your knee, making it more durable and limiting the risk of sliding and tearing. The fabric is made of ballistic nylon, and it’s fully seamless.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Reverse Kingpin Trucks for longboards are a must-have accessory for any skateboarder. They are made of high-grade aluminum and feature a 48-degree baseplate for optimal control. The axle is eight millimeters in diameter, and the trucks’ bushings are easy to control. These trucks are also powder-coated to provide a durable finish. Reverse Kingpin Trucks also improve the responsiveness of your longboard and offer an improved ride quality.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks have a kingpin mounted on the opposite side of the axle. The trucks have a smoother turning action compared to standard trucks. Downhill riders and carvers may prefer this style over the other. Both types of trucks have their pros and cons. It all depends on personal preference. For example, a cheap truck is better than no truck at all. However, you should still consider buying a high-quality one to make sure you get the best riding experience.

Slide gloves

Using sliding gloves can be a life saver when you’re downhill longboarding. The risk of injury is huge when using your hands to drag the board across the pavement, so sliding gloves can make your life much safer. The right pair of longboard gloves will also protect your hands when you’re riding downhill. Here’s how you can use them safely. Ensure you stay warm and protected while downhill longboarding.

Choose a pair made from leather or a combination of leather and suede. Leather is abrasion-resistant and won’t stock to the pavement. However, leather longboard slide gloves are a little difficult to break in and can be too hot in warm weather. For this reason, be sure to practice before you purchase a pair. But don’t be alarmed; they are worth the investment! If you’re new to longboarding, it may take some practice before you become skilled enough to slide.

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Landyachtz Bling Hands Slide Gloves - XL
Landyachtz Bling Hands Slide Gloves - XL
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Triple Eight Downhill Longboard Slide Glove for Downhill Skateboarding (1-Pair), Black, Large/X-Large
Triple Eight Downhill Longboard Slide Glove for Downhill Skateboarding (1-Pair), Black, Large/X-Large
Longboard gloves with reinforced Kevlar fingertips designed for ease of movement and grabs
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Triple Eight Sliders Longboard Slide Gloves with Finger Puck (1-Pair), Large/X-Large
Triple Eight Sliders Longboard Slide Gloves with Finger Puck (1-Pair), Large/X-Large
Longboard gloves with reinforced Kevlar fingertips designed for ease of movement and grabs
$59.99 Amazon Prime

Skate tools

There are many different tools you can use when assembling your longboard. For example, a socket wrench is a great tool to have for changing wheels and axles on your skateboard. It also comes with an axle nut socket that fits side set longboard wheels. This tool has a slim profile and can easily fit into a pocket. Its integrated bottle opener is useful for preparing you for a session after a long skate session.

When choosing a skate tool, the main thing to consider is its durability and functionality. A tool should be fully functional and durable so it can last a long time. Some skate tools are made of plastic, while others are made of steel or hard plastic. Some of the tools are also rethreaded to prevent them from coming undone. Some of the tools are designed to be more functional than others, but you should still consider their size before buying.