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Swagtron Swagger Electric Powered Scooter Review

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Swagtron swagger electric scooter

Electric scooters can be the next step up for your child, especially if they’re too young to drive but need a means of fast transportation to and from a friend’s house or an after school job. There are several models of electric powered scooters on the market these days and while the earlier models were very reliable, they took several hours to charge and cost a small fortune. But these days, models are more affordable and come with longer mileage capabilities, shorter charging times and more safety features.

Considering Electric Scooters?

Swagtron is a company that produces an extensive line of scooters, hover boards and skateboards at affordable prices. Their new line of Swagger electric scooters are popular with consumers mainly because they’re affordably priced and feature innovative designs that are environmentally friendly and designed with safety in mind.

Swagtron Model Price Parking & Portability

The Swagger electric powered scooter by Swagtron is one of the lightest models of carbon fiber powered scooters on the market, and it weighs in at just seventeen pounds. This Swagtron Swagger model comes with a built-in stand for easier parking. This is a smaller model that’s designed for users over the age of twelve and it features easy handling and ultimate portability. It’s also affordably priced and ideal for younger users, although it does come with an impressive weight limit and speed.

Swagger Swagtron Assessment and Features

This scooter comes equipped with a 250 watt high performance motor that propels this model to a top speed of fifteen miles per hours and a distance of fifteen miles. This is a standard top speed for electric scooters, and max speed that offers relative safety for riders.

Electric Scooter Weight Capacity

The Swagtron Swagger scooter also features a weight limit of 250 pounds and comes equipped with a digital backlit LED display control panel which allows the user to view their speed range and battery life and the gear type. When riding this type of scooter, you'll want to be careful not to exceed the weight capacity or max speed of 15 mph, and make sure the tires always remain adequately inflated to avoid bursting them.

Eco Friendly Scooter

The Swagtron Swagger is an environmentally friendly scooter that is a hundred percent electric. As with many electric scooters, this model uses a lithium ion battery. What is so great and eco-friendly about a lithium ion battery powered system is that it produces no emissions. You can save time on your commute with the Swagtron Swagger electric scooter while also lightening your environmental conscience.

Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter Frame

The Swagtron Swagger scooter’s carbon fiber frame allows the rider to truly take it anywhere thanks to the bike’s lightweight design and one touch folding ability. The handles are also detachable, which makes for easy transportation and storing. This scooter design is advantageous because it combines inflated tires for a comfortable ride with a lightweight folding system for great portability.

Total Electric Scooter Charging Time

To get a full charge the bike will only need to be plugged in for an hour and a half of charging time. Having an electric scooter with a short charging time like this makes the Swagtron Swagger a very convenient model of electric scooter that will be ready for you to ride right when you need it. The scooter also has a good battery life range per charge of the battery, making it good for traveling for standard distances.

Electric Scooter Swagger Top Speed

This model features a few gearing levels for accurate and precise control of user speed with multiple speed modes, and it is equipped with a throttle for fast acceleration and conveniently placed footbrakes and handbrakes for ultimate control. The 15 mph top speed of the Swagtron Swagger is not as fast as other vehicles you might commonly see on the road, but it can still beat the speed range of a bike in many cases, and can shorten the time it takes to get around town by helping you avoid traffic.

LED Headlight and Scooter Cruise

The included bright LED headlight allows you to ride around at night safely with the Swagtron Swagger model. The scooter also comes with built-in cruise control that can be set at any speed. Having a scooter with good speed modes and cruise control makes the model very useful, and you could even beat your commute time that it would normally take to drive.

Electric Scooter Tires

Considered a smooth, powerful, quiet running kick model, it comes with ten inch pneumatic tires that absorb bumps and span cracks well. A review of the product occasionally mentioned that when using the electric scooter Swagger model, as well as any other model of electric scooter that relies on inflated tires, make sure you keep the front wheel and rear wheel inflated adequately. You don't want to let the tires get low and risk damaging or bursting them when you ride the Swagtron Swagger scooter.

Electric Scooter Brakes

The solid brake system is a must-have for riders who enjoy going at faster speeds. The Swagtron electric scooter Swagger model is great because it offers an extremely reliable brake system with both a foot brake for the rear wheel and a hand brake for the front wheel. This allows you to have a lot of control over your speed and be able to stop yourself properly and effectively, even at a high speed of 15 mph.

Height and Folding Capabilities

The simple folding design and solid construction of the Swagtron Swagger, in addition to the sturdy handlebar provides much needed stability. The handlebar is set rather low so riders over six feet tall may have trouble using this model.  The innovative build of the Swagtron Swagger, integrated plastic fenders and the stand alone headlight allows the user to ride safely and see clearly in low light conditions.

Swagtron Pros and Conselectric scooter unfolded


This Swagtron Swagger model features a few speed settings. The first setting tops out at nine miles per hour, while the second setting goes up to twelve miles per hour. The last setting allows the bike to go as fast as it can. The first speed is perfect for slowly cruising around the neighborhood, while on empty streets you can get this model going up to 15 mph or even 17 mph hour easily.

Easy to Assemble Electric Scooters

The assembly process is described as super easy and most users felt that the overall build quality was excellent, according to a consumer review of the product. The affordable pricing and included safety features make this Swagtron Swagger e-scooter a great buy for younger riders.

Great Customer Service

A customer often stated in a review of the product that the customer service team was quick to respond and assist with troubleshooting or product returns. Having good, reliable customer service was a feature that made the Swagtron Swagger electric scooter a much-loved model of scooter for so many consumers.


Some consumers wrote in a review of the Swagtron Swagger product that they had issues with the scooter’s mileage and battery, stating that is was more like five or ten miles per charge. Of course, battery life and mileage will be affected by the rider’s weight, terrain type and wind conditions. You also won't be able to go as far on the electric scooter Swagger model (or nearly any scooter) if you are going at a significant incline.

Battery Life Deterioration

Consumers complained that the scooter’s battery deteriorates rather quickly, in a period of just a few months. Some users recommended charging the battery when it’s at half capacity, otherwise it tends to run out quickly and will leave you stranded. Since half a battery charge only takes thirty to forty-five minutes, this wasn’t a major issue for some users.

Maintenance on Scooter Tires

The tire’s air filled tubes tend to get flat if the rider doesn’t check the pressure often. Finding replacements for the tubes can be pretty difficult, so we recommend ordering components and accessories online from Amazon or straight from the Swagtron Swagger manufacturer’s website.

Older Riders found Scooter to be Weak

Frankly, there were quite a few complaints from older riders who have tried and failed to use this model on a daily basis. Consumers who used this Swagtron Swagger scooter in the lowest gear stated that it only rode well over level terrain that had no more than a four degree short incline. After the first charge users noticed a significant change in the battery’s overall capacity.

Related Products

Consumers who had issues with this Swagtron Swagger model recommended the Super Turbo electric scooter, which offers more battery and motor power, better mileage and a more solid construction. For this product or other scooter model options, keep browsing our website and electric scooter buying guides!

Electric Scooter Conclusion and Rating

Consumers had some mixed feelings regarding the quality of Swagtron Swagger Electric Powered Scooter. First of all, it’s definitely not recommended for distances longer than three to five miles, depending on whether the route is hilly or not. Many users can agree that the Swagtron Swagger scooter is simply not reliable enough to depend on for longer rides, or as a daily e-scooter commuter. If you’re purchasing this model for a child to ride around the neighborhood on then this is a good option, but individuals looking for an economical model to ride to and from work should keep looking. Consumers who purchased this Swagtron Swagger scooter gave it a rating of three out of five stars for poor mileage, travel limitations and faulty battery. If you plan on purchasing this Swagtron Swagger model be prepared to bring your charger with you wherever you go.