Review Of The TurboAnt V8 Dual-Battery Electric Scooter

turboant v8 dual battery electric scooter

Latest Review Of The TurboAnt V8 Dual-Battery Electric Scooter

TurboAnt is a brand that makes some of the top premium electric scooters in the marketplace. They make some of the most practical scooters available. Their TurboAnt V8 Dual-Battery Electric Scooter might be one of the best they’ve come out with. This review will cover more details about this model and what makes it great. By the end, you should have an excellent idea of whether or not it suits your needs.

Key Features Of The TurboAnt V8 Dual-Battery Electric Scooter:

– 50-Mile Extended Range

One of the main things you need to look for when looking for an electric scooter that could be used for transportation is the range. The range dictates how practical it would be for your regular commute. This particular scooter features a 50-mile extended range on a single charge. This means you should be able to get around daily without worrying about plugging it in.

– 4-Hour Fast Re-Charge

TurboAnt TurboAnt V8 Dual-Battery Electric Scooter went further for those using this scooter as their daily commuter and added fast charging capabilities. This scooter comes with a charging dock and it can be charged to total capacity within just 4 hours. This makes it a good option for those who don’t have much time to sit around and wait for their electric scooter to charge. It also means you can conveniently place the base at your workplace or elsewhere to get a full recharge before you commute back home.

– Detachable Stem Battery

This electric scooter comes with a fully detachable stem battery. This means you can swap out the battery if it depletes. The deck battery isn’t detachable. All in total, it comes with a 15 Ah capacity.

What’s To Like about TurboAnt V8 Dual-Battery Electric Scooter:

1. Excellent Riding and Performance

One of the things that TurboAnt did very well is adding key features that enhanced the scooter’s performance. This scooter performs well for various reasons. For one, it comes with a powerful 450W front hub motor. This ensures the scooter can tackle hills up to 15 degrees. Also, the scooter can max out at 20mph. Thus, it should provide a fast-riding experience for those that want it. It’s very comfortable to ride too. This is because it has a sturdy frame that can hold up to 275 pounds with best-in-class rear suspension. There are dual springs attached to the back wheel which help to absorb any shocks coming from the road. Another element that adds to the comfortable riding experience is the included 9.3-inch pneumatic tires. They are air-filled and thick which helps to aid in shock absorption and can minimize any rider fatigue.

2. Easy To Ride

You may prioritize something easy to use and ride when shopping for an electric scooter. This particular scooter has excellent features that make it easy to ride. It comes with (3) pre-configured riding modes that you can use on your journeys. These riding modes optimize the performance of the scooter to suit different conditions. There is the Eco-mode which is meant to maximize battery efficiency. There is a comfort mode that is intended to provide a more balanced and comfortable riding experience. Lastly, a sport mode is designed to boost speeds for faster travel. It’s also straightforward to tell how fast you are going at all times, as there is an information-rich LCD screen right in front of you on the top of the handlebars. The scooter also features one-button control, making it incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

3. Good Safety Features

The electric scooter has several safety features that make it much safer to ride. For one, it has a dual braking system for faster and more responsive braking. It also comes with a wider handlebar for better scooter control. The scooter has LED ambient lighting, which helps to add more nighttime visibility. The scooter comes with 3 W LED headlights to ensure the rider has plenty of light to see what’s in front of them.

4. Portable and Practical

The scooter can be folded and stashed away in very little time at all. It only takes a few clicks and you have a folded and portable scooter. The scooter only weighs in at 47.62 pounds with its aluminum alloy body. While this isn’t the lightest scooter available on the market, it’s certainly portable enough.

Should You Get The TurboAnt V8 Dual Battery Electric Scooter?

This is an excellent option for those who want a scooter with premium performance. While it does come at a premium price point with an MSRP of $799.98, it delivers in the quality department. Not only does it have a stylish look, but it provides a premium riding experience with excellent performance to boot.

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