ReddyRD1 Electric Scooter Review

reddyrd1 electric scooter standingThis scooter has a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour. It can handle 45 degrees steep slopes making it ideal for commuters. The rider can switch between two modes – drive mode and dual-drive mode, depending on their preference or the road conditions they are facing at that time. This electric scooter usually lasts about 40 to 45 miles when driven in normal driving distance which is dependent upon several factors including weather, weight/body type of the driver, frequent acceleration & braking etcetera.”

The whole car is made out of aluminum alloy, which allows it to fold in half for easy transport. The fast-folding design also makes this scooter convenient for commuting and storage inside the home or car. It has a hydraulic disc brake +160MM disc brake disk with an EBAS electronic braking system that provides strong stopping power while shortening its own stopping distance even more so. 11-inch off-road vacuum tires are used on higher comfort levels along with stronger off-road capability thanks to their rugged build quality finish when compared against other electric vehicles available today. We have received reports from our clients who tell us that they feel safe knowing their investment will be protected by IP6 waterproof standards; at least 6KPA (kilopascal) water

Ultra-wide off-road tires: 11-inch off-road vacuum tires run on dirt roads with high grip, to cope with any terrain and climb any slope you may encounter

If you’re looking for a scooter that offers longer mileage and more power but have been unable to find one with sturdy construction in the past, then ReddyRD1 Electric Portable Foldable Scooter may be just what you need. There are many electric models out there which offer good performance but aren’t particularly reliable or safe; this model is not like those ones! Its 6000-watt motor can go up to 30 mph & has 12″ pneumatic tires so it easily handles bumps on uneven terrain. You’ll love using your new electric ride by Reddy RD when traveling long distances because of its high range at 20 miles per charge!


ReddyRD1 Electric Scooter, Max Speed 60MPH, Total Power 6000W,65 Mile Long Range Battery, 60V Dual Drive, 11-inch Wheels, Portable Foldable, Off-Road Adult Electric Scooter

 A Great Folding Electric Scooter for Advanced Users

reddyrd1 electric scooterAn electric scooter by ReddyRD1 is the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced riders because it’s so smooth, but also designed to handle heavy daily use. The versatile 6000-watt machine can be used by whole family members making it an excellent option for commuters who want a local everyday ride that they enjoy riding each day. Designed with high-quality components in order to endure rough handling this powerful device will provide reliable transportation wherever you need to go around town or even your neighborhood!

Top-Quality ReddyRD1 60V Dual Drive Electric Scooter

The 6000watt ReddyRD1 60V Dual Drive Electric Scooter is one of the best scooters on the market. If you’re looking for a high-quality model that has a reputation for affordability, durability, and speed, then look no further. With heavy-duty chains and sprockets, this model has a lot of power to offer young adult riders.

ReddyRD1 60V Dual Drive Electric Scooter Overview and Features

The 6000w ReddyRD1 60V Dual Drive Electric Scooter is the answer for many adults and teens looking for a model that can add more power when compared to other high-quality models in this price range. As far as quality electric scooters go, many consumers are surprised at the high level of quality they get from the ReddyRD1 6000w 60v model. They found it to be powerful, reliable, and very much worth the investment.

Increased Weight Limit

If you commute regularly and need a powerful electric scooter, the Super Turbo 6000 can be an excellent investment. The upgraded sprockets and chains allow it to travel up hills with ease; your weight limit is 800 pounds. This is great news for people who only depend on their electric scooters because they’re heavy enough that regular commuting isn’t possible without them

Impressive Maximum Speed

ReddyRD1 6000W, 60V Dual Drive model also features an impressive speed of up to 60 miles per hour, however, the maximum speed can vary depending on terrain type and the weight of the rider. Believe it or not but depending on where you live and how far you must travel, taking this 6000-watt electric scooter can actually give you a faster commute because you can avoid traffic and find a quicker, more direct route. That is the beauty of electric scooters!


ReddyRD1 Electric Scooter, Max Speed 60MPH, Total Power 6000W,65 Mile Long Range Battery, 60V Dual Drive, 11-inch Wheels, Portable Foldable, Off-Road Adult Electric Scooter

60V Battery with Long Battery Range

The 60V lithium battery allows the user to ride for up to 40-45 miles per battery recharge. Maximum distance will also depend on terrain type, rider’s weight, and speed used. We recommend taking this model out for a few tests rides in order to determine mileage potential for the battery, before heading out for a longer ride.

Model Details and Features

reddyrd1 electric scooter foldedThe ReddyRD1 Electric Portable, Foldable Scooter allows you to carry out daily activities easily. It has a classic turn-key ignition for added safety and is equipped with swinger mono shocks that provide the rider with smooth rides on rough terrains. The vehicle’s extra-wide tires make it easy for riders to navigate through any type of terrain along with solid steel frame construction which makes this scooter durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain or snowfall without deteriorating in quality over time

The ReddyRD1 Electric Scooter offers comfortable seats so you can ride all day long while enjoying every minute of your journey. You will also love its twist throttle feature as well as key ignition system which ensures security when riding around town alone at night times where traffic

Super Turbo 6000Watt Elite Extras

Users will also enjoy the included small storage bag, removable comfort seat for longer rides, LED headlight and additional LED lights for night riding, and the basic tool kit for assembly. Upon purchase of the ReddyRD1 Electric Scooter, consumers receive free-riding tutorial videos and lifetime tech support.

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Elite Scooter Conclusion and Rating

When you take a good look at ReddyRD1 Electric Scooter, you’ll have to agree that it’s simple innovation at work. This model has impressive stability and provides an overall comfortable ride. Just one ride and you’ll be able to tell that this scooter is easy to handle and safe to ride. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a high rating of five out of five stars, which makes this model our top-rated product. This is truly an impressive, compact scooter that has a lot of power to offer in a scooter that’s so easy to handle. You can check out reviews on similar products as well, such as the RazorMod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter.


ReddyRD1 Electric Scooter, Max Speed 60MPH, Total Power 6000W,65 Mile Long Range Battery, 60V Dual Drive, 11-inch Wheels, Portable Foldable, Off-Road Adult Electric Scooter


  • Car weight: about 51KG
  • Headlights: Double U7 headlights
  • Pedal edge light: red, green, blue (automatic switching of three colors)
  • Front light: a blue always-on warning light
  • Seat: Foldable and foldable seat
  • Front shock absorption: inverted long-distance hydraulic shock absorption
  • Rear shock absorption: hydraulic shock absorption
  • taillight: Flowing water turn signal
  • Battery: 60V lithium battery
  • Tires: 11-inch off-road vacuum tires
  • USB charging port: the meter has a USB mobile phone charging port
  • Charger: 2 x 5A charger (dual charging port)
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Electric car size:
  • Expanded size: 123*28*110-130CM
  • Folded size: 130*28*62CM
  • Packing size: 137X34.5X52CM
  • Package includes:
  • 1X Electric Scooter
  • 2X charger
  • 1x folding seat
  • 1X screwdriver tool
  • 1X mobile phone holder
  • 1X pump
  • 1X waterproof bag
  • 2X Voltage lock key
  • 1X User Manual

ReddyRD1 Electric Scooter Video

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