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Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter Review

purple little electric scooter from the side

Razor is a company that produces an extensive line of traditional and electric bikes and scooters. Their best, new, innovative line of motor powered electric scooters seems to be flying off the shelves and they’re a perfect option for the child who isn’t old enough to drive but needs something more powerful than a traditional bike. Not only is this model produced by a highly trusted brand of scooters, this product is commonly liked in customer reviews and very easy to use.

Classic Style and Appearance

These innovative scooters feature a classic retro style that’s reminiscent of scooters from decades past. With an included warranty and a design that’s meant to be user friendly, older children will have no problem handling this Razor Pocket Mod scooter model with ease.

Scooter Features and Options

The Razor pocket mod mini scooter is a vintage inspired model that’s designed for users 13 year old and up. Equipped with a rear suspension system and twelve inch pneumatic tires, the scooter features a weight limit of a hundred and seventy pounds and comes in a wide range of colors.

Razor Pocket Mod Rundown and Features

This vintage inspired scooter features a chain driven electric motor and comes with a ninety day warranty. It has a chain driven motor, a twist grip throttle, 12" pneumatic tires, and two 12v sealed lead acid batteries (24v total). It is one of the best product options out there for electric scooters for kids.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Color Choices

The built-in battery has a range of ten miles per charge time at best. This model of scooters is available in a wide range of colors including Betty (see image), sweet pea, vapor, hot mod, little red, navy, and pink. The flexibility of design choice of this product makes it a very fun option that all children will like.

Razor Pocket Mod Scooter Weight

Weighing in at just fifty-nine pounds this product provides 30 minutes to up to 40 minutes of continuous use at best and comes with its own UL approved charger. The Razor Pocket mod scooter model can reach up to 15 miles per hour in max speed (15 mph) best case. It can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge, and has a total rider weight capacity of up to 170 lbs at best.

Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Perfect for Kids

This product is designed to offer high performance for younger users and also provides the perfect blend of style and functionality. This hand operated scooter can ride for over ten miles at around 15 mph at best before requiring a recharge. The motor itself features high power transfer and provides a smooth ride thanks to the large pneumatic tires.

Razor Pocket Mod Lead Battery

The electric scooter uses a 24v sealed lead acid battery that’s rechargeable. However, the battery of the item itself is only able to last for thirty to forty-five minutes at top speed best case. The electric scooter’s high torque chain drives the motor once it’s powered on. The product itself is able to reach up to fifteen miles an hour. However, the battery life and motor make this model feel a little too heavy, so the user must have excellent balance before riding long distances.

Attractive Durable Scooter Frame

The steel frame ensures that the body will last for years while also minimizing chances for corrosion and rust. The body itself is light and fairly easy to assemble. To best control this item, the scooter uses a twist grip acceleration on the front, allowing for easy acceleration.

Useful Storage Space

Located in a compartment under the seat the user will find much-needed storage space for added convenience. This is a great feature for scooters to have, as it allows you to bring along belongings on a trip, especially if you go somewhere far or travel at a high speed and need time to let it recharge while you do something else.

Pocket Electric Scooter Pros and Cons

purple little electric scooter from the front


Because this is a chain driven model it’s fairly quiet while running. The heavy duty battery is rechargeable and provides a 10 miles ride per charge. The model even has a headlight on the front for safe riding in the evening, and you can pick nearly any color you would like to see. Customers trust this brand, and they generally like this model.

Comfortable Ride and Easy to Handle

The padded seat has been described as extra thick and comfortable. The bike’s ability to get up to fifteen miles an hour is perfect for younger riders. Easy to control, the extra-large tires and brake system enable a smoother ride. Many consumers who made the purchase and wrote a review found this model simple to assemble, thanks to the included tool kit. The included user’s manual best details the step by step assembly process, which is easy to follow.

Durability and High Performance

Described as very durable, this scooter is tough enough to withstand heavy use and is equipped with rear suspension which enhances the scooter’s overall stability. With the electric motor, max speed 15mph, and weight capacity 170 lbs, this scooter will hold up and can be the perfect gift for any child, whether you choose sweet pea or classic red for the design.

Convenient Extra Features

The scooter also features a sturdy kickstand that allows your child to safely stand the scooter up after a ride. The storage compartment beneath the seat is a great place to stow important items when in use. In order to ride this model, your child will obviously need to know how to ride a two wheel scooter. If your son or daughter does have bike experience it won’t take them long to get the hang of riding.


Many consumers who wrote a review of the purchase of this product were unhappy about the battery and the minimal length of time for riding per charge. Parents also complained that the model is too heavy for some riders, due to the steel frame and solid construction, and the model may not last to be a year old.

High Tire Sensitivity

Some consumers in reviews were also unsatisfied with the bike’s rear tire. According to one consumer the rear tire was constantly getting a flat and required pinhole repairs often. The tire itself is almost impossible to air up or remove due to the lack of space in the rear tire construction. Taking this model in for repairs can also be costly. According to some brand and product reviews, the highly sensitive tires are not durable enough to handle any type of uncultivated terrain.

Not Ideal for Older Children or Teens

For older children, this model may feel somewhat limiting considering it’s only able to run for about half an hour depending on whether the rider is traveling over hilly or flat terrain. Most consumers who gave reviews of their purchase also stated that it takes about ten or twelve hours for the bike to charge. Riders with a longer distances to go will need to be very careful regarding their ride time in order to avoid being stranded with a dead scooter. Consumers wrote in reviews that they would like to see a longer lasting or at the very least, a faster charging bike for future models.

Razor Pocket Mod Customer Service

One consumer stated in a review that they had a hard time with this scooter, considering it worked well in the beginning but broke down after about one month of use. The same consumer review said they had a difficult time with the manufacturer, stating that the customer service team was very slow to respond and once they did, requested that the consumer send the scooter back for repairs at their own cost.

Related Products

Consumers who are looking for a more powerful model for older riders can see the Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v electric scooter, which is another brand available at a comparable price.

Razor Scooter Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who purchased Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter gave it a rating of four out of five stars for ease of use and maintenance, overall quality and the fun riding experience it offers. While the major downsides for this scooter included the battery and tire quality, most consumers can agree that this is the perfect bike for younger children who enjoy riding or need transportation just down the road. You can see reviews or an image for similar products as well, like the Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter.