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Top 5 Strange Benefits of Electric Scooters

As the variety of electrical scooter users increases, so does the number of advantages they offer over other forms of transportation such as vehicles or public transport often used. You'll be surprised to learn some of the ways using electric scooters benefits you, as well as your community, and you can still reach your end destination in a more than timely manner!

Electric Scooters: Top Five Strange Benefits

The Basic Advantages of E-Scooters

There are so many reasons we love electric scooters. A few of the reasons why electric scooters create benefits for users (both kids and adults!) and communities include the straightforward ones you would probably think of first. They really beat long walks, drives, and public transport for a number of reasons.

These include the fact that e-scooters are environmentally friendly (meaning that with the reduced greenhouse gas emissions, there are minimal environmental impacts for e-scooter users). In addition to being environmentally friendly, an electric scooter is generally very affordable and cost-effective (you don't have to pay for gas, and if you don't own a vehicle, you save yourself the cost of auto insurance) since the energy they run on is a carbon-free eco-friendly lithium ion battery (you could potentially need to find a charging station if you have the sort of scooter that requires a separate charging station).

Besides being economical and efficient, these electric scooters are, not to mention, great deals of fun when used. However, have you considered the other benefits they boast? It may surprise you, but a few of the unexpected benefits that electric scooter users can reap include better balance and mobility and reduced time spent on commuting, which leads to more times to spend discovering new places and being outdoors with a smile-inducing, stress relieving activity.

A Few Unexpected E-Scooter Benefits

Believe it or not, e-scooters are great for your physical and mental health! If you are looking for a way to cut down your time commuting and improve the impact your daily habits have on your health, using electric scooters might just be the perfect option for you! Electric scooters are a great, inexpensive, eco-friendly way to get to where you're going (whether you need transportation, or just a fun, environmental activity to get outside), potentially in less time! They also fill people with happiness and entice them to spend more time outdoors, enjoying themselves. What's not to love?

1) Improves Body Balance

Balancing your body may seem like a pretty standard ability. However, riding an e-scooter will help you develop this more at minimal effort. Body balance is incredibly important in terms of the ease with which you’ll preserve your mobility. Better body balance = better movement ability. Riding an e-scooter rather than taking a car, even without practicing stunts or with excessive speed, will be excellent for enhancing your sense of balance in addition to the ability to transport you from point a to point b. This is extremely beneficial for those people who are a bit more on the awkwardly physically coordinated side and are uncomfortable with bikes.

2) Mobility For People With Health Issues

Electric scooters have actually been applauded across the world for the increased mobility they provide those with health concerns. In nations like New Zealand, where bikes and electric scooters are a preferred mode of transport, they’ve been appreciated for being a great automobile replacement for individuals who have disabilities preventing them from driving.

Electric Scooters have a Smaller Learning Curve

In addition to allowing mobility to people who have health concerns and are unable to drive, electric scooters are much easier to learn to operate and ride than other driving alternatives such as riding a bike. Many who have mobility issues are likely still unable to ride a bicycle, and for someone learning to bike for the first time, there is a much higher risk of accidents than there is for those learning to ride an electric scooter.

Electric Scooters Require Less Exertion

Scooters are preferred over bikes, as an e-scooter will not wear the rider out from pedaling a bike. This adds even more to the advantage offered to those with impaired mobility, or even those who want to get outside but aren't yet in the optimal shape for biking. Electric scooters offer a good, environmental option for you to use when you are starting out with an easy way to get active. When walking isn’t an option and public transportation too difficult, more and more individuals are selecting the health advantages and convenience of an electrical scooter.

3) Change Perspective – Take Control

Being on your electrical scooter will likewise provide you a new perspective. Once you begin, the exhilarating excitement of riding your new electric scooter can take you to new locations you wouldn’t typically check out. Not only this, but the electrical scooter neighborhoods are on the rise, which brings a great deal of brand-new social interaction opportunities! It may amaze you the number of electric scooter users you meet with a shared interest, bound to add to the quality of your life.

Plus, the great thing about electric scooters is they are easy to ride along with other methods of transport! You can scoot alongside someone who is on a bike, or even someone on a skateboard or roller skates. Some people have a bike that is powered by electricity or a gasoline engine. You can keep up with them on an electric scooter, and you don't even need to use a lot of energy! Scooters are a great way to play outside with friends. Electric scooters promote fun group activities, and you can spend hours scooting around cities together without getting tired, seeing the sights.

4) Save Time on your Commute

You may assume that because a car or bus or train can go the fastest in terms of speed, it means they must automatically be the one and only quickest way for you to use to get to work. It may surprise you that many times (for people living in urban areas or working for companies near home), this is actually really not the case!

Electric Scooters may be Faster than Cars

This sounds crazy, but it's not! Think about how much of your commute is spent stationary in traffic with other vehicles, or how many convoluted turns you need to make with your car that could be avoided if you were not limited to driving on the street! There are a number of people out there who live in close enough proximity to their workplaces or companies (or the store, or their favorite parks in the cities) that traveling by electric scooter would actually take less time than driving vehicles (not to mention the time it takes finding parking!).

Electric Scooters can Beat Public Transit

Public transportation offers a similar story: you don't have to worry about parking, but now you do have to worry about bus or train schedules, and trying to figure out what to do if you miss one! With an electric scooter, you can take off on your own schedule without having to wake up in time for the train or waiting on the next bus (plus, this means you won't be sharing seats with the entire rest of the city!).

Electric Scooters Versus Walking

What if you are within walking distance of the places you need to get to? If you commute by walking every day, there is a chance your commute is eating up more of your schedule than you'd like. While a brisk walk every day is also very good for the health and environmental impact, riding an electric scooter offers similar benefits in that it keeps your body moderately active. It can also reduce the length of your commute significantly, freeing you up to find other active ways to spend your days.

Whatever your typical commute, an electric scooter may just make your daily transportation a lot more fun as well! E-Scooters return valuable time to their owners to do more things they enjoy or don’t typically get to fit into their schedules. What could you do with an additional hour shaved off your commute each day?

electric scooter parked outside

5) Smiling Relieves Stress

Being outdoors is a fantastic kind of stress relief which is even better sailing by on your enjoyable electric scooter. Although e-scooters aren’t the only cure for today’s busy lifestyle, they will increase your level of joy no matter what age you are. We have observed everybody who pilots an e-scooter can’t help but share a smile when they do. What's the benefit of this? The power of a smile is much bigger, and means a lot more for your body than you would expect.

Short-Term Health Benefits

When you smile, your brain actually releases chemicals that relieve and fight off stress in your brain and body. The effect of this biological phenomenon is so significant, in fact, that it acts as a mild pain reliever. It gives you a happy mood, and it proactively relieves the stress of the day, likely resulting in a happier and more productive workday. Electric scooters have made a person smile a few times, and in the end, let's face it: this is the most important part of what makes an electric scooter great.

Long-Term Effects on Well-Being

The long term benefits of this natural form of stress relief are incredible! Not only are you building strength in your body to promote balance and ability to move with age when using electric scooters, you also keep your stress levels down. Stress in the body and muscles is a major cause of chronic pain as people endure it over long periods. You can avoid these symptoms with simple, joyful activities like riding an electric scooter around the city on a regular basis!

Where Can I Get My Electric Scooter?

We're so glad you want to know! After seeing all the ways an electric scooter can benefit your life (and probably is already benefitting the lives of many in your community), you might want to use one, or at least give it a try! At Scooter McGoo, we offer some of the top electric scooters brands and models available. Customers who used and reviewed these electric scooters loved them, and we can share with you the advantages and feature unique to different models. We can also share guides and tips to get you started off charging the carbon-free scooter battery, using the motor correctly, and right riding scooters around your own community. Please reach out to us with any inquiries about our scooters, we are here to help!

Keep in mind that riding electric scooters should be done with caution, and only by those who know how to drive safely. Always stay out of the way of cars, use caution when crossing streets, and never ride your electric scooter at a speed faster than you have the ability to maneuver safely at. Electric scooters are so fun, but can be a danger if not used properly.

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