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Great Teenager Skateboards for Guys and Girls

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Teenagers love their skateboards, and they have for generations. There are even skate parks popping up everywhere to keep them off of the sidewalks. Skateboarding is an age-old classic, but what kids do with them these days is simply amazing, even kids who start at just a few years old. However, not all teenagers are interested in using their skateboard to perform amazing stunts and back-breaking flips. Finding the best skateboard for teenagers is going to be up to the individual. If you are looking for a high quality skateboard for a teenager, it is important to understand what they plan to do with it before you start researching deck designs.

Models for Guys and for Girls

Skateboards have evolved over the year, and there are even variations in styles of quality skateboards for girls versus regular skateboards guys more commonly use. As soon as skater boys, girls, and young adults have mastered every trick and stunt they can imagine, the skateboard company improves the board, wheels, or shape to optimize control over the board. There are so many high quality skateboard options out there, and there are many pros and cons of different ones for various types of skating.

Size of Skateboard for Types of Skating

If your teens are looking to hang out on half-pipes or hitting the streets for some urban street skating, then they will definitely want a skateboard. However, there are longboards as well. Longboards are similar to skateboards but they are longer, wider and have a larger wheelbase. This style of skateboard is made for long distance traveling. Longboards glide along roads much smoother and are made for faster speeds than those of a skateboard.

Guide to Finding the Right Board

Whether you are looking for mini cruiser boards for kids, skateboards for girls, or longboards for guys, we can help you make sure you're on the right track to finding the perfect product. There are a lot of options out there, and kids can pursue so many different activities with skateboards of various types. Let us give you a few considerations to take into account when looking at the price, size, shape, colors, and style of a cool, new skateboard for your teens or kids, and how to determine the best one (whether you're shopping for a girl or a guy). If you're not quite sure whether the pros outweigh the cons of skateboarding, getting a larger board can make it easier for kids to learn and reduce risk of injury for beginners.

Getting Boards at a Good Price

Top quality boards can be found for a very reasonable price as well, as long as you know where to look. If you are looking for a beginner-level board, these are usually available at a great price and good quality. A more expert-level board (or one of a very large size) may go at a higher price, but you may still find a good product with quality features at an affordable price. You can find the complete, perfectly made one with a little bit of research!

Skateboard Safety Gear

In both skateboarding and longboarding, safety gear should always be worn. The benefits of skateboarding are that its fun and cool. The cons are that it can be really dangerous, and beginners and pros alike should be cautious. Although many have skated without it, it is not the smart way to go (especially if they are traveling at high speeds from the top of a hill on the longboard or hitting the skate park). The concrete can come hard and fast and serious injuries could occur. Your teen girl or guy could get the best of the most pro skater, and a rock or stone under the wheels or loose aluminum trucks or worn out bearings could trip them up.

Skateboards that are Challenging to Control

Some say longboards are easier to control and learn. A longboard features a larger area to figure out the perfect stance. Skateboards do take a bit of time to get used to, but many pick it up right away. In the beginning, longboard riders should go slow and stay on flat land to get the feel of it. As they improve they can try out some things and get a feel for it all.

Risk of High Speed Injury

Skateboards can get going too fast and start to wobble out of control. It is important at this point for girls and guys ensure that they can get themselves slowed down if they need to. Remember that safety gear? Experienced kids who ride typically can get themselves under control before any serious wipeouts occur. However, there are those moments that obstructions coming from nowhere. There are pros and cons to skateboarding when it comes to the well-being of your teens. Before you know it, your aluminum trucks and deck are out from under you, and some serious damage can occur.

Personal Story

It's important to not take your board places where you will be unable to have any sort of control whatsoever. As a girl, I have dated two guys who skateboard or longboard, and have suffered many injuries. A couple years back, my previous boyfriend Greg Winston had the fantastic idea to ride is longboard down a 250-yard hill from the very top at a very steep incline one night. He got going at a very high speed and at the wrong moment, lost his footing, and tumbled over.

He is 6' 5", and the fall was a hard one. When he got up, he found his shoulder was broken pretty badly. After months of recovery, he fortunately made an incredible journey of faith and finding his identity in Christ. His AC joint continues to recover from a grade 3 tear three years later, but we have confidence that a miracle of God will still heal this. For a beginner on a skateboard, I would say take a safe approach. Avoid longboarding down a steep 250-yard hill and other fancy tricks until you gain a good amount of control.

Finding a Teen the Best Skateboard

Finding the best skateboard for a teenager means finding the skateboard that will work with their height. If they choose a skateboard that is too large, it will have too much power that will make it difficult to use. If they choose a board too small, it will be hard to balance and find enough room for their feet. A board that is 7 inches-8 inches long is considered the proper size for an adult trick riding skateboarder. However, if beginners really want to get really into the smooth tricks, a bigger board that is 8 inches – 8.25 inches is best for more experienced riders that are looking to do more tricks.

Who is the Skateboard For?

Depending on the age, size, and gender of your teenager, the type of skateboard they will prefer can vary as well as the specific purpose they plan to use their skateboard for. If you are shopping for a complete skateboard for girls, it might be a good idea to specify you're looking for a mini or regular skateboard 'for girls' to see deck designs, colors, location of trucks, and styles that other girls have commonly found that they like in a product.

Of course, the same considerations apply pretty much across the board for the visual appeal and functional purpose of the product design for both girls and dudes. But the personal preferences girls and guys tend to have, as well as the options for quality boards, trucks, and other features designed specifically for female beginners and pro riders can change the results you'll find when doing your research.

Best Skateboards for Girls

When searching for the best skateboards for girls, there are a few additional factors you may want to take note of. Oftentimes, practicality is a big factor when it comes to finding the best skateboards for girls. Many people like to build and assemble their own skateboards and choose their colors, but buying a skateboard that comes complete and fully assembled with its deck, aluminum trucks and other parts makes it much easier an more convenient to get started skateboarding.

Small skateboards (anywhere 7-inch complete skateboard to 22-inches) are often popular here, and even mini skateboards that are just a few inches long (of course, there are pros and cons to owning smaller skateboards versus a larger skateboard, and how they handle, especially for a beginner).

At the same time, girls also commonly like larger boards such as longboards and cruisers (some are 22 to 31 inches wide). These extra inches provide a smooth ride and stability, and for girls looking to skate for long distances on their boards, these extra inches make a difference. For a girl who is a beginner, learning to ride board of a larger size rather than a mini can be much easier, especially when it comes to picking up a lot of speed or riding a long ways without a lot of exertion. Personally, I found a longboard very smooth and easy to learn as a girl having no prior experience with skateboarding.

Visual Appeal of Skateboards for Girls

Visual appeal of a deck can also be an important consideration in looking for a skateboard for girls. Many are designed with certain girls in mind (having fun colors, cool prints, or sweet and inspiring typography elements), although there are almost too many styles of skateboard deck aesthetics that girls have liked to even begin to count them all. Some of the best skateboards for girls with light colors of wheels or white wheels have been very popular in recent years (the pros of white wheels or light colors are how fine they look, but the cons are how dirty they can get and need to be washed or replaced to stay looking nice).

What is the Function or Primary Activity?

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that it is just as important to focus on the function of the board and what type of skating your girl will be doing when looking for skateboards for girls, just as with any other product. Girls who skateboard can tend to be small and use smaller boards, such as a cool mini cruiser skateboard.

You need to know if your teen girl wants to board long distances and see the sights, or if the board queen wants to hit the skate park, or maybe she wants to do a bit of both. Finding a skateboard for girls tailored to her purposes and flexible enough to accommodate them all is probably your wisest first step in choosing a skateboard for girls. Next you can look at colors and exciting visual designs.

Best Skateboards for Dudes

Finding a skateboard for any teen, boys, girls, or young adult, is a journey, and there are more options than ever when it comes to buying a cool skateboard. With a little knowledge about the type of skating your kids intend to do, you can narrow down your choices significantly and find the right one.

Consider Building a Board from Components

One possibility when looking at a pro skateboard rider is the option of getting a custom board your teenager can assemble himself. There is a lot of interest in the idea of being able to build your own skateboard, and being able to change it up at different points in time by changing parts and colors out. If you're looking for the perfect skateboard for your teen, find out if building a board himself would be something he might enjoy. Buying a kit or separate sets of wheels, bearings (anywhere from abec 7 bearings - abec 11 bearings), aluminum trucks, a deck, and grip tape and letting your teen go at it is a good way to allow him to customize the board his own way, especially if he is a more experienced skateboarder.

Visual Appeal of Skateboards for Guys

Style, colors, and deck design of the skateboard should be considered if you are buying for a dude as well. There are few things to take more pride in than the visual appeal of your sick board, and that's the tea! A Skateboard deck can come in all different looks, colors, and cool designs. Some of the deck shapes and deck features even serve a functional purpose. These deck shapes are shortboard, cruiser skateboard, mini cruiser skateboard, old school, and longboard. What your teenager plans to do with it determines the deck type you'll likely want to go with.

To tie it all together, these different board styles, colors, and designs can give a number of advantages in making certain skateboarding activities easier. Depending on how far or fast your teenager wants to go for a smooth flight, or whether or not he wants to learn a lot of tricks and flips, the ideal shape of the product can be different.

Skateboard Material

What are skateboards made of? It actually can vary in this category as well. Sometimes you'll find a skateboard deck is made of bamboo, or its made of Canadian maple wood underneath the grip tape (Canadian maple wood is a popular board deck material). The metal features of the wheels, bearings, and trucks are usually made of aluminum. Finding a skateboard deck that has the characteristics you want can depend on the material you choose. Canadian maple plywood or other kinds of wood typically give the board a sturdier, rigid feel (maple is most common). How easy it is for kids to stand on the board can depend on the type of grip tape covering your maple wood as well.

Replacing Skateboard Parts

What do you do if your skateboard's bearings, wheels, or trucks start to wear out, become loosened, or need replacing? You can replace parts on your skateboard without having to replace the entire board easily enough, and you can find quality replacement parts like trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, or anything else you need as well. Some kids may even find that they like the complete skateboard they received, but the wheels and bearings that came with the product are not the best. You could replace these wheels and bearings before you take your board out for its first ride if you like. More experienced riders may decide to play around with the parts on their skateboard, removing the trucks and wheels and putting them back in a way that seems best to them to guarantee their ride will be as smooth or have precisely the speed and agility they prefer. This is totally normal!

Ready to find your Teen the Perfect Board?

After seeing our guide for determining the best, high-quality skateboard for your teenaged girl or guy, you might have some ideas about the type of skateboard you're looking to buy and the pros and cons of different kinds. Whether you are looking for the best longboard, shortboard, an old school skateboard, a mini cruiser skateboard, a pennyboard, a nickleboard, or any other type of complete board out there, you can find great brands and products on Scooter McGoo and you can find good scooters made for guys or girls too!

You can even find new wheels, trucks, bearings, a deck, or tape that comes separately to build your own skateboard or replace parts on your existing board. We offer insights and tips on finding the best scooters, learning to ride, and the benefits of activities like skateboarding and scooter riding. Customers of all ages, sizes, genders, and levels of experience love our products and trust in the quality of the boards we offer. We are here to help, and we would love to offer you the same great quality! Please contact us and let us know if you have any further questions!

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