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Buying Guide: E-Scooters for Kids and Teens

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The best electric scooters for kids and teens will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple kick models to full body mopeds. These electric scooter reviews can help you narrow down a range of the best choices for your child, and you can likely find them for a good price! They are also a great entry-level alternative to driving a car or using public transportation.

Thanks to computer, motor, and battery technology advancements, scooters are not only used for fun, but they can also be used as a viable transportation option. If you are looking at buying an electric scooter for you or your child, check out our electric scooter buying guide and let us help you determine the features that will be most ideal for you in electric scooters. Let us give you guide of some things to consider before buying and riding.

Electric Scooter Buying Guide

The key feature all styles share is the step through design of scooters and mopeds. This basically means that both of the feet remain flat on a deck, whereas on a motorcycle or bike, the user will straddle the sides. This can make electric scooters relatively safe to ride, as well as easier to learn for a first-time beginner and having a good mile range and ride quality to get you where you need to go.

Types of Electric Scooters

There are several styles of scooters to choose from, such as the seat-less classic kick model or electric versions that don’t require a kick. Typically, electric scooters that require a kick may be more challenging to learn to ride for the first time. On the other hand, an electric scooter that doesn't require a kick to get started can be very powerful, and you'll want to be sure you or your child riding the scooter knows how to control the power of the scooter before beginning to ride, especially on roads.

Simple Kick Scooters

Often, this style is very lightweight and features a folding design that makes it much easier to transport and store. A high end kick scooter can also come with a seat (which can increase the ride quality if you plan to be riding a range of long distances), but the seat will leave the user riding quite high. Most scooters like this go up to around 15 mph, but some may go faster than 15 mph.

Sturdy Kick Electric Scooters

There are also more beefed up, serious models that may look like any other basic scooter at first glance. But the best of these models have enhanced features such as rear and front suspension, pneumatic tires, and big motors that can offer up to a thousand watts of power.

Moped Style Electric Scooters

Moped style models and sit down scooters are other popular options. Mopeds have pedals, but Vespa style models don’t, but otherwise look very similar to gas powered models with inflated wheels. Consumers who want more versatile terrain handling and increased speed in addition to features such as headlights and storage will want one of the larger scooters. Mopeds like this typically can travel very fast (some even up to 40 mph), and may not be ideal or even safe for buying for younger children.

Battery Pack Type: Lead vs Lithium

Two types of batteries exist for battery-powered electric scooters. These options are lead batteries and lithium batteries. Allow us to compare the best pros and cons of both types and examine the range of battery life of each as well as the brakes, motor, and wheel type to provide you with a guide.

Lead Acid Battery

There are still a number of scooters on the market that use lead acid batteries, which is the same type of battery that works to crank a car engine to life. It’s also one of the reasons that a scooter will cost significantly less than the best popular hover boards.

Lithium Battery

When it comes to best powering an electric vehicle, lithium battery technology is superior in every way, especially when it comes to the amount of time it takes to charge a lead acid battery. Lead models also weigh much more, which can be less than ideal for obvious reasons. They also are unable to hold as much energy per pound.

Battery Upgrade

Many scooter manufacturers offer a lithium upgrade kit for their bikes, and if you want a scooter that’s more than just an expensive toy, then lithium is the way to go. When searching for the best electric scooter on the market, keeping in mind the battery type as well as other factors that can be a big indicator of the quality of the e-scooter will help you navigate a buying decision more effectively.

Maximum Rider Weight Capacity

These electric models will offer some of the lowest max weight capacities you’ll see for personal electric vehicles. An adult model starts at around a hundred and fifty pounds and will feature a frame that’s much too large of a range for children. One serious model can handle about three hundred pounds of weight max. If you have inflated tires, you'll also want to be careful not to exceed the max weight capacity and burst the wheels or burn out the motor while riding.

Mile Range your Scooter Can Travel

Finding the right scooter will have a lot to do with taking a closer look at the intended route. You’ll need to pay attention to the amount of distance you need to cover. Basically, if you’re not able to charge the battery at your destination, then you’ll need to count the range of mileage for both directions against the estimated range. Keep in mind that the rider’s weight, in addition to hills, can reduce the scooter’s overall range abilities. And more often than not, the manufacturer’s ratings will lean more towards the optimistic side.

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Maximum Speed of Different E-Scooters

Depending on where you want to ride, speed isn’t usually one of the biggest issues you'll have to worry about. Some models are fast enough for a range of limited road use, but this heavily depends on local laws. Lower powered e-scooter models will have users mainly sticking to bike paths and sidewalks.

Some of these e-scooter models are able to hit thirty mph, so you’ll need a good brake system. In addition to a good set of brakes, be aware of any other safety features that you may need or that may even be required by law depending on where you live or where you take your electric scooter.

Disc Brakes or Drum Brakes

Even the most basic scooters will use drum brakes or disc brakes with a single small disc. Faster, larger scooters will use a bigger disc brake or rear and front discs. The great thing about disc brakes for scooters is that they are typically very reliable and will last a long time. While you will want to have your electric scooter brakes replaced every so often to make sure they are still functioning properly and that your ride will be safe.

Electric Brakes

Other scooters may have electric brakes, and may even have both front and rear brakes. While these types of brakes are somewhat commonly seen on e-scooters, they may not always be as reliable as other types of brakes. These brakes are still fairly good, however, especially for a range of higher-quality scooters.

Foot Brakes

E-scooters that have foot brakes have a brake located under the mudguard. The rider stops the scooter by standing on the mudguard to push it down. This type of braking system is fairly reliable and lasts a long time. Customers have frequently liked a braking system like this one in e-scooters and preferred it over other types, as it is so easy to use and reliable.

Suspension and Wheel Size: Air-Filled Tires vs Solid Tires

Taking a close look at your route is once again going to be important when you’re considering suspension and wheel size when buying an electric scooter. Most e-scooter models have no suspension at all and are equipped with solid tires or rubber wheels, which makes them perfect for a range of level, smooth terrain for miles and miles.

If your route features a lot of uneven surfaces then you’ll definitely want an electric scooter model that’s equipped with air-filled pneumatic tires and rear suspension. A good scooter model can have front and rear suspension to give you a comfortable ride quality as much as possible. These air-filled pneumatic tires will add to the overall price but it definitely beats dealing with an uncomfortable ride.

Finding a Reliable E-Scooter Company

Electric scooters are similar to electric bikes in their construction and typically share many components. Because of the nature of these vehicles, if you plan on using it frequently, it will most likely need to have several adjustments and repairs performed during their lifetime in order to keep them running well. Because of this, you should purchase a model from a reputable manufacturer who will be around to provide parts in the future. A cheap-price, off-brand electric scooter model may feel like a good idea initially, but when the time comes to purchase replacement parts, they may not be available.

Fork and Frame Construction

Fork and frame construction should also be considered when you’re shopping for an electric scooter. Models with forks or frames that are made from thin sheets often have a tendency for breaking or bending under normal use. Electric models that have forks and frames that are made from thick plate steel construction and tubular steel are proven to be more reliable and tougher, especially those that have good suspension, or large, air-filled wheels if not suspension.

Chain Drive vs Belt Drive

When it comes to belt drive or chain drive, chain is probably the most reliable. Chains can also last much longer than belts, but one tradeoff is that chain models tend to be much noisier, especially if you have solid tires on your scooter. Additionally, the amount of noise a chain driven model makes can be a good thing considering it alerts other drivers that you’re on the road for a ride. Belt driven models are much quieter but they’re not as reliable, having to be replaced more often, which can increase the price of maintaining your scooter. However, if you’re looking for an electric model that’s very quiet, than a belt driven scooter with inflated tires is the way to go.

Plastic vs Chrome Coating Build Quality

Always remember that all chrome is not created equal. Chrome that is low quality will begin to flake and rust after the electric scooter has been stored away for the winter or if you drive it in the rain. Many brands of electric scooters feature high quality chrome, but smaller brand names often use inferior quality chrome. Keep in mind that chrome that rusts quickly is not real chrome. Real chrome will not rust for many years after it has been exposed to the elements.

When it comes to e-scooter build quality, scooters that have a few plastic components that are used to cover up sharp areas are perfectly okay, but electric scooters that are entirely encased in plastic bodies will definitely have a shorter lifespan compared to models with an exposed frame type.

E-Scooter Motor Power

Many electric scooter models that have under 350 watts of motor power (like a 250 watt motor) will offer low speed and slow acceleration and can be easily challenged by hilly terrain (if you have inflated tires, be sure not to let the air pressure get too low, or you may destroy the tires or put excessive strain on the scooter that will waste a lot of power). For better speed and acceleration, a model will need to have at least a 500 watt motor. For uphill riding you’re going to need even more motor power. Models that feature 750 watts of power are recommended for uphill riding. A model’s range and ride time will usually fall around thirty to forty-five minutes on flat ground and even less in hilly areas. This usually equates to about eight to ten miles on flat terrain with a good battery.

Electric Scooters for Kids

The electric scooter can be one of the coolest gifts you can buy for your child, and they provide kids with a little more freedom and independence. However, it’s important to choose an electric scooter model based on your child’s age and size in order to ensure that they remain safe and can operate the scooter safely and easily. Here is a guide with a few things to consider when finding a decently high-end scooter for your child that will still fall within a reasonable price range.

Customization and Style Options

These models are often available in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to truly customize a model based on your child’s preferences. One of the most exciting aspects of brand new electric scooters for kids is the visual appearance. You want to find the best electric scooter that will wow your child and make them smile. There are so many options out there, you're sure to find the top electric scooter for your child.

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Finding E-Scooters with a good Warranty

Aside from finding electric scooters that are safe, you’ll want to look for one that has an extensive warranty. As you probably already know, children can be rough with their bikes and scooters (hence the recommendation that you get a good warranty), but electric models feature certain components that can be somewhat fragile if not properly care for. Beyond having a warranty for the possibility of kids using the scooter roughly, having a warranty can be a good way to ensure you can replace the scooter if you discover a malfunction. A warranty is a good indicator of the quality of the product that the company ensures, and that the scooter will be worth the price you pay for it. If you find a scooter for a good price that does not include a warranty, look elsewhere!

Speed and Motor Size

A scooter’s top speed is determined by battery and motor size. If you’re purchasing a model for a child, you’ll need a scooter that features a lower max speed in mph in order to ensure they can maintain control of the vehicle the entire time. While most models for children aren’t very fast in mph, some are able to reach a top speed of twenty miles per hour. This type of low speed is all a child will need for play.

A variable throttle is found on pricier models of electric scooters and is designed for adults and teens. Lower priced scooters have just one speed.

E-Scooter Weight

How much a scooter weighs will be affected by the size of the motor, battery, and its construction. The more powerful and faster models will need heavy, large batteries and can weigh over fifty pounds. These faster and larger models should be reserved for older children only and those that have the strength and skills to best handle them.

Most scooters aren’t foldable, but they can be disassembled pretty easily when they need to be transported and many come with custom cases and carrying bags and packs, if they have small and light enough frames and tires.

Weight Capacity by Age

The maximum rider weight will typically fall into three levels. For younger kids, models will have a weight limit up to 120 pounds, while larger models designed for older kids will have a weight capacity of about 160 pounds. For adults and teenagers the weight limit is often 250 to 300 lbs.

Finding a Reasonably Priced  Electric Powered Scooter

Most parents are looking for safe models that are easy on the environment, which is why electric scooters are high on the must-have list of popular gift ideas. These models are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and have parts and batteries that are readily available. If your child is looking for a new way to get around the neighborhood or your teen or you yourself are looking for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, take a closer look at what these electric scooters have to offer.

Best Electric Scooter Prices

When buying an electric scooter, the price of your scooter is often one of the most important deciding factors. It is important to consider the other features of your e-scooter before you purchase it, and ensure that the e-scooter is sufficiently to the quality you need. Budget friendly models are available for both children and young adult models, but higher priced models are definitely worth it if you’re looking for a more reliable scooter that features an extensive product warranty.

Electric Scooter Comparison Chart

Finding great electric scooters may appear challenging at first, but we can help you find systems that are reviewed well by customers can help you get one that will be best for your intended transportation and use. Let us offer a comparison between a few of the top e-scooter models. At Scooter McGoo, we are here to help you find the perfect scooter for you or for your child! We invite you to check out our products and models offered by some of the top electric scooter brands on the market. Contact us if you have further questions!

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